Sunday, January 3, 2016

Solar Camping Lantern / Flashlight #Review

As a family who has small children I am always looking for safe alternatives to lighting source that use fire as their power, especially when camping and this can be problematic, so many lanterns use propane. We do have a couple battery operated lanterns which are fabulous but the batteries die quickly. This solar powered lantern/flashlight from The Bright Outdoors company is revolutionary! I love how you can charge your lantern either with solar power or the USB cable that comes with it. 

Solar Charging Panel
The flashlight portion
The other part about this particular lantern that I really like is how compact it is. You can fold it down or pop it open, this makes it wonderful for camping, hiking, prepping, and even just to have around for power outages. You can store this in your vehicle, your boat, your RV, pretty much anywhere! The company recommends you charge this unit at least once every 6 months which isn't too difficult at all. 
The lantern part
Overall, this is super easy to use, portable, and highly efficient, the light beam is super bright which can be a good thing or bad, the only way it is bad is when the kids are trying to sleep and you want to read. Haha I have already used this in my bedroom so that I could read while everyone else was asleep. The lantern part seems to be a bit dimmer than the flashlight part so that helps.

You can find this fantastic lantern/flashlight from The Bright Outdoors on Amazon

*Disclaimer: I received his product at no cost to me in order to facilitate this honest review*

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