Thursday, February 25, 2016

Amber Tick and Flea Collar for Dogs and Cats

It never fails every single winter I get fleas on my dog, whether I use the toxic flea collars that stink to high heaven and back or if I use the greasy toxic drops you put on their backs, I still get fleas, I can't figure it out and I refuse to bomb the house with that toxic powder stuff. So, sadly I just deal with the fleas, bath the pets every other day, and vacuum nightly in hopes that one day they will disappear. (They don't...ever)

Well, when Amber Crown came out with a Baltic Amber Flea & Tick Collar, I was skeptical I admit it, but then again the Baltic Amber necklaces help my entire family with pain, aches, moods, sleep pretty much everything so why wouldn't these collars work for my pets? I bathed the dog to check for fleas again and of course he still has them, so we bathed him and dried him good and applied the collar. We haven't seen fleas on's been a few days and usually once he is bathed he gets fleas again as soon as he goes outside.

Amber Crown has these collars to fit pets of all sizes, the largest collar goes up to a neck size of 23.5 inches! They range in price depending on the size. I have a small Chihuahua, I ordered the 10-12" one and to be honest I could have gotten away with the smaller 8-10" collar, but this one still fits fine in my opinion. I really like how I can treat my pet for fleas and ticks without nasty and toxic chemicals, that is a real relief.

If you have flea problems I highly recommend checking out this product you can use it on dogs or cats. Toss out the toxic things that don't work anyways and give this natural remedy a try.

You can purchase yours from Amazon by clicking HERE

*Disclaimer: I received this product at no cost to me in order to facilitate this honest review*


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