Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Pastel Beauty Teething Necklace From Vlokup #Review

I have been a huge fan of nursing/teething necklaces for a few years now. After looking over my collection I have to admit I think I have a slight problem....or addiction depending on which choice of wording you prefer. My little addiction has provided me a wonderful platform though especially when it comes to writing reviews on nursing/teething necklaces, because I now know what I prefer in a necklace and what to look for as far as quality goes.

This lovely pastel nursing necklace from Vlokup is the perfect example of a fun, colorful and good quality necklace. Each of the 100% food grade silicone beads is knotted to ensure safety. Should one bead break off you won't loose all the beads this helps save the necklace and keep baby safe. The satin string necklace is nice against your skin and will not irritate your skin even if you wear this necklace all day long. The break away clasp closure makes it nice for older babies who like to pull and tug your necklace, the clasp releases so you don't get choked.

Besides providing teething relief these necklaces are great for nursing moms, so baby has something to play with and when not being worn the kids can play with these to help with sensory play and development. The necklace really has so many uses and thanks to the pastel green, peach, and cream beads this necklace can be purchased for a boy or a girl.

I personally always like adding one of two of these teething necklaces to my diaper cakes I make for baby showers. It gives mom something practical she can use for the baby and also that will make her feel awesome because she has a necklace.

Overall, my thoughts are this product gets a 5/5 stars for quality, durability, style, color, and function.

You can find this nursing necklace on Amazon by clicking HERE.

*Disclaimer: I received this product at no cost or little cost to me in order to provide this honest review.*

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