Thursday, February 4, 2016

Secure Portable Door Safety Lock #Review

As those of you who follow my blog know my husband and I want to hit the road and take our family full time rving, but due to the newest addition we have decided to push that back a little while, that way each child can enjoy the trip and have a chance to remember each place we go. But that doesn't mean we aren't getting a camper, in fact we have found an awesome pop up from a friend of ours at church that we are purchasing as a "family gift."

So, since deciding to get the pop up I have been working on reviews for camping items and other such items that will make our camping experiences easier and less stressful. This recent endeavor led me to review the product I have to present to you today. A Secure portable door lock. This can be used by home owners, renters, college students, business travelers, vacationers, as well as for just child proofing a room or even given as a gift.

The portability of this lock makes it easy to take where ever you need to go, since it will fit in the smallest of places and the durability and stability of it makes this portable lock a secure lock to use for all your circumstances.

You don't need tools to install this lock and it can be used with most standard doors that open inward. I am going to be trying this out with our pop up when we bring it home to see if it will work with that door, I am hoping it will but can't promise anything yet. Don't worry though I will be sure to update you and let you all know.

You can pick these up from Amazon for only $14.95!

*Disclaimer: I received this product at no cost to me in order to facilitate this honest review*

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