Friday, April 22, 2016

AngelicWare Pocket Diaper Review

I have been using cloth diapers since my second born child was about 9 months old, in fact thinking back on it when she hit  months old we did a lot of changing of things in our lives, all for the good but that is for another post. Today, I want to share with you this wonderful pocket cloth diaper. 

The diaper is made by a company called AngelicWare and is what is known as a one size pocket diaper. This means it will or rather should fit babies that are 8lbs the whole way up to potty training or 35lbs. Now, to give you an idea on this my newest little guy was born at 7lb 8ozs and he couldn't wear the one size diapers until bout 2 weeks ago when he was about 12lbs but the reason for this at least in my opinion is that he has very tiny thighs, all my kids have. But now the one size fit perfectly and we can wear these until he hits 35lbs or they just become to tight on him, either way we have lots of time left.

Traditionally, I don't use pockets, they are great don't get me wrong and for the first almost 2 years of my cloth diapering journey that would be all I used, but once I made the switch to another type and brand I won't go back to pockets. With that being said the pockets are nice for overnights because you can choose how much stuffing to put inside to prevent leaks through the night. 

This diaper itself is wonderful the charcoal bamboo wicks away moisture better than microfiber and you don't need another layer between the insert and baby's bottom, although you have a layer of bamboo in this diaper that rests against baby's skin. Check out my video below it might help explain it a little better for you.

Overall, I do like this diaper and for anyone just starting out in cloth diapers and looking at pockets I would recommend this one size pocket from Angelic Ware, it's affordable, durable, and adorable!

You can find more of their diapers by clicking here.

*Disclaimer: I received this product at no cost to me in exchange for my honest review.*

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