Thursday, April 7, 2016

Best Treat for New Mommies - Nursing Bra Review

I don't know about all you other new mamas out there who might be reading this but I have had such a hard time finding a nursing bra or even a bra for post baby that fits me well and is not only comfortable but provides support and lift.

 I admit I expected this bra to be the same as the multitude of others I have tried in the past 3 years while nursing my kiddos. The bra arrived and I washed it like I normally do, to my shock the bra still looked great after being washed, the elastics remained tight and the fabric soft.

The first time I tried on the bra I also expected my breasts to fall out each time I would bend over because let's face it that is what always happens, and it doesn't matter what size bra I purchase they never stay inside. I have tried multiple sizes, styles, and everything and it never fails I bend over and flop out come the boobs. But this time this bra was different, my boobs stayed tucked in nice and comfty cozy inside the bra!

This bra is really cute too, I love the subtle design on the material it adds a little bit of feminine sexiness to the bra, that let's face it you don't find often when looking at nursing or post partum bras, and us new moms want to feel sexy too, right?!

 The back closure is 4 clasps thick which provides a good comfortable supportive back closure. Overall, I love this bra and out of the dozens I have tried this has to be in the top few for me.

You can find this super comfortable nursing bra on Amazon in either black, nude, pink, or purple. My review is on the size XL Purple nursing bra in case you are wondering.

*Disclaimer: I received this product at no cost/discounted cost in exchange for my honest feedback.*

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