Thursday, April 14, 2016

New Essential Oil for Anxiety and Stress Relief

This blended oil is said to help reduce stress and anxiety and provide an overall calming to the wearer. I do have to say I feel calmer when I apply this oil or even diffuse this oil, the scent brings me down and helps ground me. One of the good things about this oil is it is already blended with a carrier, you don't have to worry about blending it yourself, you simply open the bottle and apply where you wish it to be.

This oil is all natural and made from oils extracted from barks, roots, leaves, and flowers all blended together to create this unique oil. If you have trouble sleeping you could try diffusing some in a diffuser, or even add some to a lukewarm bath right before bed and soak for a few minutes to help calm the body down.

I really like this oil to use in place of perfume, there are so many horrible ingredients used to make up your favorite fragrances and they really are quite unhealthy, I personally have gotten rid of all my perfumes about a year ago and I currently use essential oils as a perfume. This is one of the ones I reach for first, I love the fresh scent of the oil.

The price for this large of a bottle is really reasonable as well, some oils are so expensive and mostly you find those among the bigger MLM or direct marketing companies who have a ton of overhead, so their bottles are like 5-10mL and cost anywhere from $20-$60 a bottle, if you ask me it's WAY over priced. This is a great value for an oil that works wonders, just because something is expensive doesn't make it anymore effective.

You can find this along with other oils from Phytopia on Amazon

*Disclaimer: I was sent this product at no cost to me in exchange for my honest feedback.*

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