Friday, April 8, 2016

Pampered Skin Collection Review

As moms and just women in general we can all use a little pampering from time to time but let's be honest it can not only be hard to get alone time and it can be a little costly to visit a spa, so why not bring those spa like scents and products to your home with the Homestead Soaps & Spa products? These handmade and homemade products are made with natural ingredients so you won't find any harmful or toxic ingredients here.

The scent is wonderful, a little strong for my liking but I love the smell just the same. I was sent the "Ocean Breeze" scent which smells really good but instead of reminding me of being at the ocean or even outdoors it reminds me of a very strong man's cologne. If Ocean Breeze isn't your scent there are other options like Basilwood, Lavender, Hibiscus, and Rosemary Mint just to name a few.

The set comes with a few different pampering products, such as
  • Exfoliating Scrub  
  • Whipped Body Butter
  • Body & Hand Lotion
  • Cleansing Bar (Soap)
I have to say the scrub leaves my face feeling refreshed and renewed, the body butter and lotion are both wonderful and will leave your skin feeling like silk without the greasy aftermath. They both absorb quickly and really moisturize my skin quickly. The cleansing bar (soap) is a more subtle scent compared to the rest of the items, which is nice. I can and have used this on the baby who is 2 months old with no skin irritation the only problem is it doesn't provide a lot of lather but it still cleans well.

Overall, I really enjoyed these products and I would recommend them to anyone who needs a little at home pampering or if you just like homemade products.

You can find these wonderful products at Homestead Soaps & Spa.

*Disclaimer: I was sent this product at no cost to me in exchange for my honest feedback.*

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