Monday, April 18, 2016

What Is In Your Feminine Care Products?

There are so many nasty ingredients lurking in your tampons and pads and sadly you are not aware of these ingredients because the companies do not have to put ingredient labels on these feminine care products which is quite frightening if you ask me. It is my understanding that some of these materials should not be in contact with your skin at all let alone used in your most private and sensitive areas.

 Besides being unsafe these disposable feminine care products are expensive, and what you just throw them away which in turn could be described as literally throwing money in the trash, why not save your money and stay healthy in the process?

Thanks to this amazing product known as the Pixie Cup you can feel confident that you are using a product that is safe and will keep you protected during your menstrual cycle. There is a Pixie Cup for everyone thanks to the two different size options, you have the Small which is a Size 1 and 15 mL and made for a light to normal flow and then you have the Large or Size 2 which is 20mL and made for normal to heavy flow.

Each cup is designed to fit your body to protect you from leaks for up to 12 hours during your monthly cycle. When you need to empty the cup you simple remove dump the contents and rinse then reinsert it's really simple and quick. I will say these take a few tries to get used to and in order to get them positioned correctly but I chalk that up to something new being used, let's face it traditional tampons and pads have spoiled us and make thins super easy but this once you get the hang of it is super simple too.

Let's recap the benefits of using the Pixie Cup over disposable feminine care products:

* Better for the environment, less waste
* Better for your wallet, saves you money
* Better for your health, no harmful chemicals, toxins, or ingredients
* Better protection

You can find this reusable menstrual cup on Amazon by clicking HERE

**Disclaimer: I received this product at no cost to me in exchange for my honest feedback.**

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