Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Calm Before The Premenstrual Storm Thank You BioRay

As women we get the short end of the stick so to speak when it comes to putting up with uncomfortable things, we have menstrual cycles, PMS, we give birth and we are suppose to just be strong through it all. Thankfully the company BioRay has come up with a solution that can help assist in providing relief from common ailments associated with the female menstrual cycle...ailments such as...

  • Decrease of swollen and tender breasts
  • Decrease in anxiety
  • Improved mood
  • Increased energy
  • Improved sleep
  • Decrease in stomach bloating
  • Improved bowel movements
  • Decrease in head and back pain
  • Improved concentration
  • Decrease in food cravings
  • Muscle and joint ease

I can speak from experience when it says "Decrease head and back pain" because since having Ollie I suffer from hip and lower back pain and I even attend the chiropractor weekly to try to help and while it does it doesn't relieve all the pain. Since beginning this supplement my back pain has lessened even more and I was having dizzy spells for some reason and this has also helped relieve that. 

Did you know that it has been estimated that between 85-90% of women experience premenstrual symptoms (such as those stated above) and even irritability. Thanks to the unique blend of Before The Flow, women everywhere can have a natural way to benefit the female reproductive system. 

Before The Flow is said to sooth and support your body before your menstrual cycle, using traditional Chinese herbs blended together to make this perfect product. Before The Flow helps to tone the blood and regulate your menses. If you have irregular menses this product might be able to assist in getting on a regular schedule, which can help with infertility among other things. 

I add 1-2 droppers to my coffee each morning, according to the directions on the bottle you can use 1-2 droppers twice a day or as you desire. It is recommended you begin this at least 7 days before your cycle is set to begin for the best results. I am currently nursing Ollie and have had no ill side effects, but like anything else it might be beneficial to talk to your health care provider before starting this if you are nursing or pregnant.

We have been using BioRay products for a few months...well ok maybe a year now and they are truly wonderful. They have so many quality products that can help keep you running the best and healthiest. If you have a chance I highly recommend checking out their website to see what all they offer. The kids have been on a vaccine detox for about a year now and there is significant improvement in them. I know BioRay also has products that are meant to help with ADHD, among other common childhood ailments as well, so head on over to their site and check them out.

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