Saturday, May 7, 2016

Castile Soap Review

So, I have wanted to make my own shampoo for a while now, I have been making soap for about a year but every time I try to make shampoo it ends really bad. When I was offered this TriNova Castile Soap to review I was excited because I figured I'd try to make shampoo again.

The good thing about castile soap is that you can use it as a base for almost everything, dish soap, laundry soap, bath soap, shampoo, baby wash, foaming hand soap, and so many other things that require a base like this. 

This bottle is very large, at a whooping 32 ounces and to be quite honest it goes a long way. I made a 16 ounce bottle of shampoo and only used a few ounces out of this bottle of castile soap. I wish the company would put an ingredient list on their bottle but other than that I can't complain about this soap and I would personally recommend it. It works well and is gentle enough for all skin types even babies.

Pick up your bottle from Amazon today.

*Disclaimer: I was sent this product at no cost to me in exchange for my honest feedback*

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