Monday, June 6, 2016

9 Ways To Keep You & Your Child Entertained While Cleaning

Kids and parents have that special bond that enables them to be best friends and spend quality time together even after arguments that inevitably happen. Although most kids would be overjoyed when parents take them to the cinema or organize a picnic in the park, you can also think of an unusual approach towards the cleaning chores and turn them into a source of entertainment. You know best what the interests of your children are, but here are some of the tricks that can motivate your kids to help you with the cleaning chores. So you can spend some time with them, make the house sparkling clean, develop their organizational skills and all that thanks to the cleaning projects.

  • Turn the house cleaning chores into a game. In order to make it more entertaining, you can get your kid colourful rubber gloves and mini cleaning and sanitising tools with their favourite animated heroes printed on them.
  • Cleaning does not have to be a boring chore. It can be more like of a mission. So, give your kid the mission or the challenge to complete a certain cleaning project. Then, make an evaluation of the his/ her diligence, but be careful not to ruin all the fun by being too stern.
  • Get the entire family involved into the cleaning game. When you have helpers, it will take less time to clean the house. You can divide the family members in two teams and the team that completes the chores in their list faster is declared a winner.
  • Before you engage the kids in cleaning, you have to take into consideration the following. First, make sure the cleaning tasks are manageable and not too prolonged. Kids get bored and tired easily, so keep that in mind when you assign them cleaning tasks. Another thing worthy of mentioning is to say thank you for every more or less significant task they have performed.
  • If you wish, you can make the cleaning a friendly competition. For instance, you can set a timer and give the kids the task to walk around the house and collect as many toys as they see. In case you want to make them understand the importance of the teamwork and working under deadlines, you can take part in the toys' collection.
  • You have to admit that there are certain cleaning chores you just dislike and if you want your kids to regard cleaning as an entertaining activity, CityCleaners suggests to give them only tasks they love and they can handle.
  • Play Hide and Seek. Hide candies or desserts your kids like and tell them that the more places they clean, the more likely they are to find the hidden candies. Awards are usually extremely motivating for kids.
  • Performance of cleaning activities also allows you to have a conversation with your kid. If you clean together, you can ask about his day at school or the games they usually play with their friends.
  • Kids, aged 4-7 love playing roles, so you can encourage them to act as if they participate in a cleaning commercial and promote products that make any surface sparkling clean.

Remember to give clear instructions about the cleaning tasks and have realistic expectations. Instructing a 5-year old to clean up their room is a bit too excessive, but you can freely ask your older kid to take care of their own room. In all cases, cleaning activities should bring pleasant emotions to your kids and they should associate them with a lot of fun.

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