Friday, June 3, 2016

Stop Throwing Money Away With These ORBLUE Silicone Lids

I stopped using aluminum foil about 2 years ago now, we still use baggies and plastic wrap though and I am slowly switching my containers from plastic to glass, but of course it all takes some time. You might remember my review a little while ago on the clear silicone lids well now, I get to bring you the blue ones from ORBLUE! 

These fit a wide variety of bowls, glasses, and containers. I have found though they work better with glass than stainless steel and if there is any moisture or food on the rim they won't hold either, so be sure before using the lids are completely clean as is the rim of your dish or glass. As for the stainless steel part I am not sure why they won't work well on my stainless steel bowls but they don't the one end always comes slipping off, so I have just stopped using it with that bowl, no big deal.

Overall, they work well though and I can't really complain they work really well and they are totally eco-friendly since you aren't throwing away the covers when you are done. Excellent investment if you ask me, the lids are also made of the flexible silicone which means they are super easy to store, and take up such a small amount of room.

Check out ORBLUE on Amazon.

*Disclaimer: I was sent this product at no cost in exchange for my honest feedback*

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