Thursday, September 15, 2016

Nestle Splash Review

I hate water and when I say I hate water what I really mean is I will go to great lengths to avoid drinking water. I know how unhealthy this is and as of lately I have been trying to drink more water since we put in an under the sink filtration system, but it's still difficult because...I...Hate...Water.

When as part of my Influenster task I was given the chance to try out Nestle's Splash water at no cost as long as I agreed to provide an honest review I was excited, but my excitement soon dissipated. The water is filled with the cancer causing, health harming sucralose or Splenda alternative, but I looked past that long enough to take one drink and spit it out after that drink. This water is disgustingly sweet and horrible tasting.

Needless to say the water made its way to the trash but in my Influenster box I was also given a really fun blow up beach ball and sunglasses which the kids and I had fun with, so while the water stunk the box itself was fun. I doubt I will be drinking this Nestle Splash water anytime soon.

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