Monday, November 7, 2016

The Dread Update

So, after being reminded that I had begun a blog about my dread journey I figured I would update everyone. If you read my first dread post you know my dread journey began on August 14, 2016 which means my dread babies are 11 weeks and 2 days old and some major changes have been underway.

It still looks crazy and messy and I absolutely LOVE it!
First, I switched from using my all time favorite shampoo from Shea Moisture and have opted for a baking soda wash with an apple cider vinegar rinse. It keeps my hair cleaner and free from residue, now I admit once a week I will wash my hair with the "detox ginger and mint" shampoo from Shea Moisture as a treat but most times it's the baking soda and vinegar I grab for. 

Trying to capture the loopies....such a difficult task on the camera

Second, my babies have really been crazy I started with a few little loops and soon grew into all sorts of loops on the top of my hair, the only hair still straight is the underside that just won't seem to stay locked but I hear this is a common issue with starting dreads.

I love the crazy little loopies!

Some things I have learned along the way...

1. Wash daily (if you want) clean hair locks faster
2. No brushing means more time
3. Washing your looped and knotted babies is awesome but they do take some extra time to dry
4. I love tying my hair back with my hair no more hair ties needed
5. I feel free but my hair seems heavier with the loops and bumps
6. Each day I love my dread babies more and more
7. Your hair will get super short as the loops form, don't worry it will grow long again.


  1. So interesting! I'm sure I could do natural dreads super fast! I'm black and I'm currently letting my hair go natural (no more permanent chemical straighteners) and I if I don't thoroughly comb out my hair about twice a week I will have a full head of dreads within a couple weeks. Undoing them can be super painful! So cool you're going natural too. Hollie @ &

  2. They are so crazy, but that's awesome to hear! Glad you're still continuing the journey!