Thursday, January 26, 2017

Let's Be Real....WLS & Regain

Well, let's start at the beginning, shall we? It all began about a month ago when I decided to go to the doctor for the first time in...oh I dunno like 4 years. Mind you I had gastric bypass done July 26, 2010 and was suppose to be going for annual checks but that wasn't happening. Now, I realized I was gaining weight because let's face it I wasn't fitting into the size Small shirts and size 8 jeans anymore, in fact I couldn't get into jeans..PERIOD. I keep the mind frame of it was just the baby weight I mean having 3 babies in 4 years will add some pounds, right? No sweat...Well, when I stepped on the scale at the doctor's office and that scale flashed those numbers my heart sank...

236.8 was a number I never wanted to see, I began my weight loss journey at about 360lbs and that was about 6-7 years ago. So, I was thankful I wasn't as heavy as I was in the start but if I didn't do something soon I would soon be there again. No one likes to regain weight especially after you lost almost 200lbs (actually it was 181lbs to be exact), and what's even worse than gaining the weight is having to admit that you failed and gained weight back...a substantial amount of weight. It takes courage to stand up and admit you were careless and you know what I was, I was careless and I expected my tool to work even when I wouldn't and that's not how it works. If you want your tool to work for you then you need to work for your tool.

It is time to get back to the basics. So, I am happy to say I have been making the necessary changes to get back on track and get those extra 66lbs off...once and for all. It is now time for my tool and I to become one again and work together to make me the healthiest I can be.

I have been counting calories, watching my intake and not just calories but what I am putting into my mouth as well, exercising when I can (around 4 kids and babysitting) and just eating more like I should with my gastric bypass pouch. I cut out all soda and drinks other than herbal tea and water...oh and one cup of coffee in the morning with my protein powder. Today I weighed myself and the scale read 225.2 lbs which isn't my goal but it's going in the right direction! I am starting this blog again to keep track and hold myself accoundable for my weight loss this time around. 

If you want to lose some weight, get healthy or just get fit please consider following me both on this blog, my YouTube channel, and My Fitness Pal. I will post all the links below. Thank you for taking the time to read my story and thank you for following my journey.

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