Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Are We Crazy? Or Just Plain Adventurous? You Decide

Anyone who knows me knows I am not a huge fan of the American dream, you know the house, the golden retriever, the yard that is fenced in so the little minions (I mean kids) can play. I love adventure and to be honest I swear I have a nomadic heart. I hate doing the same thing day in and day out which is why I begin looking into full time living on the road in an RV in the first place. It was bold, daring, adventurous it was all I craved. After some talking to the husband and waiting almost four years the goal is in site but not before we embark on another HUGE adventure first.

We have decided to go and hike the Appalachian Trail, and not just hike it but hike it as a family. If you have never heard of the Appalachian Trail I will give you a little background...It's a long ass trail! Haha no but seriously this trail is 2,184 miles long and goes from Georgia to Maine or Maine to Georgia depending on which direction you choose to hike. For us, we are starting in Georgia and plan to work our way up to Maine. I know, go ahead and ask it...Are you nuts? Yes, yes we are.

Let's face it this life is short when you seriously sit down and think of it, we are only here for a short time and the first 18 years of our lives are spend growing and learning and doing all the things that are expected of us so that when we begin year 19 we are conditioned to just go with the flow and follow the crowd and do the things that society deems as "normal." But tell me who determines what is normal and what is abnormal? Probably whatever the majority of the society believes is how things get labeled right? So, why not be different, in a good way.

So, since we decided to embark on this massive journey we have found a good friend who is willing to take over our house...well buy our house, we have started to purge our items and purchase gear. In fact we just purchased everyone backpacks and our new tent. Now it's on to sleeping gear. 

Are we crazy? Maybe a little but let me say this is be one adventure the kids will relive and talk about for years to come. All our children love the outdoors and especially hiking so when asked do I think my kids can complete this at the ages of 13, 6, 4, and 2 my answer is always the same. YES! I truly believe deep down in my heart my children can and will complete this and they will love every minute of it...well maybe not every minute but they will love it. I have decided to also put our adventure into writing and videos so that not only can we share our experiences with those friends and family back here at home but so when we return we will always have documentation to look back at and see what an accomplishment we did. 

Am I nervous? Scared? You bet I am. I hate bears, spiders, and bees but you know what this is something that I believe will help me as a person a good way and I think the same about all of us who will be tackling this adventure. So, please if you have an interest in watching our adventure sign up for the email on my blog here or follow us on Facebook


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