Saturday, December 9, 2017

*Guest Post* Three Challenges that Natural Minded Military Families Face

I want to thank Stephanie Bates over at Military Travel Mama for her contribution to this blog.
She has written a well thought out and first hand experience post for all my military family followers.
I hope her words inspire you and spark an interest in your life. Enjoy.

My priority is to make sure our family is healthy and we are making that happen by living a natural
lifestyle. Every family who strives for the same thing has their unique way of maintaining a healthy
home. And for military families like ours, our natural lifestyle may be considered to be even more
unique than the typical American family that is striving to stay healthy.

In order to help us stay on track, we have to reach out to other military families who have the same
desires for support because it takes a military village to raise healthy military kids. Because our
decisions regarding health care, child care, and healthy eating are influenced by the actions of other
military families who are successfully living the kind of lives to stay well. I will talk about the three
challenges that natural minded military families face:

Medical Care:

The truth is that military families frequently find challenges when it comes to keeping up with a healthy
lifestyle. However, it is crucial that all military families are aware of the amazing medical coverage
through Tricare. Tricare has many great benefits and covers the majority of medical needs for military
families. However, Tricare, unfortunately, does not cover chiropractic care, acupuncture, naturopath
doctor visits and most kinds of treatments that involve natural medicine.

Keep in mind as well that military members must abide by the strict medical rules for being able to
become deployed. For instance, if a military member is against vaccines, then that will be a problem
because it is mandatory to receive routine vaccinations in order to be able to be part of the fighting
force. The only time a member can become exempt from being vaccinated is if there are allergies to
vaccine components involved.


Military families frequently face challenges that involve their decisions in regards to childcare. In fact,
the majority of childcare centers on military bases will not accept children that are not vaccinated.
They also will reject children that are in cloth diapers unless there is an exception given by a doctor's
note. They also will not serve children older the age of one breast milk. The issue is that on post
daycare centers are cheaper in cost than those off post. Families are then forced to decide what is
best, because if they start buying disposable diapers and formula- they are not saving money at all.
We are forced to make some kind of sacrifice otherwise.


Natural minded military families also face another obstacle when it comes to nutrition. Since families
are expected to move every 2-4 years, they have fewer opportunities to be self-sufficient and are
forced to purchase food from stores and farmers markets. It is rare for military families to be able to
maintain a garden as well as have livestock of their own. The other issue is that while military
members are either on deployment missions or training, they have fewer options and end up
consuming higher caloric meals and nutrient lacking meals.  

Fortunately I have found some great farmers markets that are close by that provide high quality
produce. That has been very helpful to me in regards to maintaining a nutritional lifestyle.

Due to the fact that these are major challenges that military families often face, it is imperative that
the proper support is available. One military family may be incredibly resourceful when it comes to
being able to maintain their natural lifestyle. Therefore, that will be very helpful to other military
families who have the same desires! I can tell you right now that it has been helpful to me!

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